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"I am manipulating nature. I take a fruit and make it into wine. Wine may not be found in nature... but it's completely natural."


Winemaker Nicola Campagnola of TENUTA SANTA MARIA VALVERDE

This is a tale of worlds and wine: a documentary series that takes viewers on a global journey to some of the world’s most beautiful wine regions to learn about the life and culture of wine and its winemakers. 

From soil to grape to glass, the life of a wine is nurtured by people, place and passion. The series will travel to wine regions both famous and emerging, in search of vineyards and wineries nestled in river valleys, next to ocean coast lines, on mountain tops and even on volcanic soil, and will seek out the series’ lead characters - the winemakers - who attentively cultivate and manipulate the fruit of the the vine producing singular wines.

Winemakers world-wide are fermenting history and uncorking the future of winemaking: some by continuing in a region’s established tradition and others by challenging the winemaking process with new, innovative techniques - all by harnessing nature’s whims and paying respect to the land.


The winemakers in this series are creators and storytellers from around the world, guiding our discovery of distinct wines and of the lands and culture which motivate their poetic and inspiring devotion to the process. Their personal stories are just a few of the grapes that make up the global cluster that is today’s thriving wine industry.

The four wineries below are a few examples representative of the destinations in this series and the winemakers who will be featured.


New South Wales, Australia

Featuring Ben Wallis


Among the "New World" label of wines, Ben Wallis' estate has already made a mark in the winemaking world and not simply because of the splendid views of the Estate. The Estate's award-winning Semillon wines rank top in The Shoalhaven Coast and at international wine competitions. With 195 years of history in the South Coast of NSW, Coolangata's center was historically a convict village which was redeveloped 70 years ago when it was bought by Wallis' family. In the last 30 years, the Estate has become a full wine-tourism facility, complete with accommodations, a restaurant and facilities for conferences and weddings. Coolangatta is proud to offer not only high-quality wines from 9 varieties of estate-grown grapes, it serves as a custodian of Australian history and boasts a relaxed and innovative culture that shows through in their light and easy-drinking wines.


San Martín de Valdeiglesias, Madrid, Spain

Featuring Isabel Galindo


MORADAS DE SAN MARTIN is a winery located in the altitudes of the Gredos Mountains in central Spain. Specializing in the grape variety Garnacha, the winery boasts a history of in-depth research into the mountainous region and the terrain. In 2005, Isabel Galindo and her team settled the winery in its current location at 900 meters above sea level, where the vineyards grow on dry soil which produces a stable and rare quality of Garnacha wines with a fresh and mineral taste. The Gredos region has been known for Garnacha since the 12th century. Classic Spanish writers such as Cervantes, Lope de Vega and Quevedo have written about the Garnacha wines of San Martín de Valdeiglesias as the royal wines of the Court. The historical value and the all-natural, ecological process of winemaking at MORADAS DE SAN MARTIN make this an exceptional winery which respectfully promotes Spanish wine culture.


Valpolicella Region, Verona, Italy

Featuring Nicola Campagnola


Nicola Campagnola is the passionate winemaker behind this family-owned winery named after the beautiful and ancient chapel dedicated to Santa Maria Valverde overlooking the estate. Neighboring Lake Garda, the region of Valpolicella has a 2000-year history of winemaking that dates back to the Ancient Roman Empire. Nicola's estate has vineyards extending across 20 distinct terroirs and based on each season's conditions, he chooses the grapes that will produce the best passito wine, also known as Italy's "raisin wine". Produced with a commitment to the biological purity of the fruits provided to him by nature, Nicola's winery sells a small quantity of only 10,000 bottles of exceptional quality. "Nature is not perfect, it's perfectible" he states, taking what is natural in the world and perfecting it into wine.


Shoalhaven, NSW, Australia

Featuring Raj Ray


When visiting the Silos Estate in the Shoalhaven region, one discovers the exceptional beauty of Australia’s coastlines, valleys and vineyards, and its artisanal production of food and wine. Though climatic conditions make it challenging to grow grapes in a region that is only 7 miles inland from the coast, Silos owner Raj Ray is prepared to take on the challenge and the risk, a common trait in Australian culture. The Silos Estate pays homage to its indigenous roots with a 600-year-old indigenous tree on the property, while pioneering its way into the future of winemaking by being one of the first carbon neutral wineries to run on solar power and not to use irrigation systems. Family-run since 2007, Silos produces traditional grape varieties as well as bolder choices for Australia such as a Sauvignon Blanc which Ray planted on his wedding day and called the “Wedding Blanc”. Their wines are powerful yet cheeky, fruit-driven and higher in alcohol, and always very well-received by visiting guests from around the world.

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